5 Golden Rules For Staying Safe When You’re Backpacking

3. Don’t carry your money all together

In my wallet right now there are two credit cards, two debit cards and some cash. If I was pick-pocketed, it would be a headache to call the banks to cancel cards – but that’s all. If I was out of the country, however, the first step of even getting to a phone I could use might be a difficulty.

When you travel, carry your money in the opposite way to how you do it at home. Only take the cash you need out, plus one card for emergencies, and keep the rest in your hostel locker.

This means a) you avoid having to pay by peeling notes off a giant stack and b) if you’re robbed, you only lose a bit of money – not everything. Take at least two cards: a main account and a back-up, in case you lose the first.

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